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practical benefit realisation management
Practical Benefits Realisation Management


The purpose of this book is to provide real world guidance on the practical application of the benefit management process, within the context of organisations that have some level of programme and change management capability, but very limited or no benefit management capability.


It is aimed at you, to help you apply the process on a change initiative.

You may be a project, programme or change manager or want to develop some benefit management capabilities.


Based on real world experience, it provides practical examples, tools, techniques, templates and lots of hints and tips to help you work through the benefit management process.

It also provides guidance and recommendations on dealing with the wider change challenges you may face as you try to apply benefit management within your organisational context.


Making Sense of Change Management
Making Sense of Change Management


The world we live in continues to change at an intense rate. In order to succeed over the next few years, organizations must adapt to tough market conditions by changing their strategies, their structures, their boundaries, their mindsets, their leadership behaviours and of course their expectations of the people who work within them.


Ideal reading for anyone who is currently part of, or leading, a change initiative, Making Sense of Change Management is the definitive text in the field of change management, with over 30,000 sales to date. Aimed at students and professionals alike, it provides comprehensive coverage of the models, tools and techniques of successful change management with a focus on individual, team and organizational change to help you apply each concept to unique situations.


Now in its 4th edition, it includes a new chapter on exploring the integration of change management with project management and a completely revised and updated section on culture change that takes into account emerging thinking and practice.


Making Sense Of Leadership
Making Sense of Leadership



Making Sense of Leadership identifies the five key roles used by effective leaders. A practical, accessible and solution-focused book, it helps entrepreneurs, managers and leaders develop their leadership skills. The authors examine successful leaders to determine the type of leadership roles which succeed. This allows them to present five distinct roles of leadership, which are used to promote positive change and innovation. The authors encourage the reader to play with these, recognizing and taking on those elements which most appropriately suit their situation.


Discovering these roles offers an important guide to the new leader, in order for them to shape their own leadership approach. It also provides interesting challenges to the existing leader who wants to refresh their stance in order to tackle a new situation. The book is supported by exercises for both individuals and groups, so that the text can also be used as a learning and development resource and for team facilitation and one-to-one coaching.


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